Monday, April 26, 2010

Help us Stop CMV during National Congenital Awareness Month in June!

Recently, the month of June was designated as National Congenital CMV Awareness Month with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In honor of this month, Stop CMV is planning an ambitious public awareness campaign surrounding congenital CMV. The focus of this campaign will be to collect as many photographs possible of people with “Stop CMV” written on their hand. 
Photos can be taken in any location, within any context, and in any style but should include “Stop CMV” written on the palm of a hand somewhere in the image. 
We are looking forward to this campaign as an opportunity to leverage our CMV Action Network and explore the power of that network. While we are looking for a large quantity of images, we are also encouraging our members and supporters to leverage the power of their own personal network. We are hoping to engage several segments of the public during this campaign to mobilize this message into various groups, subcultures, geographic locations, etc.
Consider leveraging your personal network to request images of people within the following categories:
  • Regional - cities, beaches, mountains, landmarks, other countries, etc.
  • Celebrity- musicians, athletes, actors, DJs, artists, politicians, notable figures, etc.
  • Lifestyle- hobbies, careers, sports, outdoors, subcultures, interest groups, etc.
These photos can be uploaded to the Stop CMV website from May 15th to June 30th. From here, visitors to the site during National Congenital CMV Awareness Month will be able to post their images and vote for their favorite image. The image receiving the most votes will become the new face (and hand) of Stop CMV and will be featured in web, print, and broadcast awareness campaigns for Stop CMV!

With CMV prevention measures rarely communicated to women, Stop CMV wants to increase the public profile of congenital CMV to save tens of thousands of babies each year from death and disability. You can help us by joining your hand with ours! We look forward to your participation in this campaign and look to this as a major opportunity to engage the public in congenital CMV awareness!

Visit for more information!
Stop CMV!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perez Hilton helps to Stop CMV!

It's an AWESOME morning!
Stop CMV made Perez Hilton's blog today!

13 million readers a month! His readership is our target demographic with approximately 85% being women between the ages of 21-34! This is such a huge awareness opportunity!

HUGE THANKS to the hustle team Casey Famigletti and Jenny DiBenedetto for pitching this!