Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop CMV March Membership Drive

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Why? Because “People = Progress”!
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Why does Stop CMV membership matter? Because "People = Progress"!

Nothing is going to significantly change in the congenital CMV movement until there are millions of people pushing an agenda of awareness and prevention while demanding action. As awareness of Congenital CMV grows, the need to gather and organize talent from all walks of life is essential to pushing awareness and solutions forward. Stop CMV's ability to help provide solutions for those in need now while creating the crowd necessary to create the long-term changes needed are crucial to any progress we make as an organization and community.

“We have a unique advantage in the marketplace of charitable organizations. We have a disease that the public largely hasn’t heard of--only 14% of women have heard of CMV,” says Janelle Greenlee, President and Founder of Stop CMV. “You can be genuinely spreading true awareness to your friends and family in your network because virtually nobody has heard of CMV.” Miranda Thomas, CMV mother and north Mississippi Area Representative, has been one of Stop CMV’s top online recruiters since the launch of the Facebook Cause page. “I’m so happy to see how many of my family and friends have joined the Facebook Cause. All I had to do was ask,” says Thomas. “They love my son, Dalen, very much and are very supportive.”

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